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Tips for Volunteers

  • Meet with the assigned teacher to discuss specific duties.  Volunteers can perform any task that will free the teacher to work with students.
  • Be a warm, caring and enthusiastic person who will be a pleasure to have in the classroom.
  • Be a good role model for students in regards to behavior, attitude, speech and dress.  Professionalism, courtesy and flexibility are all assets of a district volunteer.
  • Be aware that many things volunteers may hear and see are subject to student confidentiality laws.
  • Never discuss specific student issues or problems outside the classroom environment.  However, if a volunteer suspects a child has been abused, they should notify the teacher, counselor or campus administrator immediately.
  • Help every child's self-esteem by expressing as much approval as possible.
  • Remember that teaching is not as easy as it looks.  Stand as one with the teacher at all times.  Refrain from criticism and supplement lessons only as the teacher has instructed.
  • Be quiet when helping students.  Extra noise is distracting.