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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Volunteer applications are only available online.  If you are unable to use a family member's or friend's computer, check with your local library to see if computer and internet access is available.  Or, if you prefer, the Whitehouse ISD Education Support Center has a Chromebook at the reception desk that may be used to apply.

No.  Volunteer eligibility is considered district-wide.  In addition, family member volunteers are given the opportunity to list up to four (4) children, no matter which campus, during the application process.

Whitehouse ISD is required to perform a criminal history check on every volunteer every school year.

Applications are processed each Wednesday during the school year.  Please allow 5-7 business days for processing to be completed.  Each campus office will be able to review a list of approved volunteers.

All volunteer applicants are required to complete a new application each year.  As a result, each volunteer application will be deleted at the end of each school year.  However, the applicant profile created during the initial application process will remain in the system.  If you have forgotten your username and password, there is a link that reads, "I forgot my Username or Password."  If that link is unable to help, please contact the Applicant Support Team at 877-974-7437.

All Whitehouse ISD volunteer applicants must follow the same application process.  A criminal history check must be completed by Whitehouse ISD even if the applicant has completed one with another organization.

Not only is this to protect the safety of Whitehouse ISD students, it is also the law.  The Texas Education Code 22.0835 states that a school district must obtain all criminal history record information that relates to a volunteer or other person who has indicated an intention to serve as a volunteer with the district.

Volunteer applicants who refuse to submit to a criminal history check will not be allowed to volunteer with Whitehouse ISD.  The Texas Education Code 22.0835 states a person may not perform any volunteer duties until all requirements have been met.

All criminal history checks of volunteer applicants are completed by Whitehouse ISD's Human Resources Department.  If a criminal history record is discovered, a Human Resources administrator will review the information.  This information is highly confidential and will be seen and processed by the fewest number of Human Resources staff members necessary to make a determination.

No information can be shared about the content or nature of the criminal record with campus staff.  Human Resources staff have permission from the Texas Department of Public Safety to access the results of the criminal history check, but they are prohibited from sharing this information with anyone, including the applicant.